Хроническая фибромиалгия с артритом и низкое содержание гемоглобина

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Ещё результаты использования MMS.  Из писем, которые приходят Джиму Хамблу.

Привет Джим,
Ещё одна история успеха при хронической фибромиалгиии с артритом у бедной женщины, которая не могла стоять более 5 минут. Её руки, колени и лодыжки были опухшие, бесформенные руки, всё потеряло форму.

В первый час после приёма MMS она почувствовала себя менее утомлённой. День спустя она уже освободила руки от поддерживающего бандажа на запястьях. Она продолжила выполнять MMS протокол и на пятый день снова начала выполнять упражнения на тренажёре для ходьбы. А ещё неделю спустя, т.е. всего через 12 дней после начала приёма MMS она улетела в Испанию со своей дочерью на отдых резервным рейсом. Этой даме 47 лет.

У друга моего отца по боулингу — 86 лет -  было хорошее здоровье  пока внезапно он не почувствовал стеснение в груди и одышку. Он пошёл к врачу, анализ крови показал 82 (количество гемоглобина — прим. Перев.) . Врач дал ему таблетки с железом и назначил консультацию со специалистом из госпиталя.

Он принял одну каплю MMS утром, одну вечером и одну на следующее утро. В тот день доктор проверил его анализ крови — уровень гемоглобина был 92. Через несколько дней он опять его проверил — было 108, он чувствовал себя гораздо лучше.  Доктор сказал ему, что  таблетки с железом, должно быть, сделали своё дело. Забавно то, что он даже не открывал ещё те таблетки, не встречался со специалистом из госпиталя и только второй день принимал MMS.

Источник: из письма Джима Хамла, полученное 16.10. 2010. Текст оригинала приводится ниже.


MMS Name Change!

The word Miracle phases out and the word Master replaces it.

Well, that's it. The MMS remains the same, just the first word changes from Miracle to Master. "Master Mineral Solution" is now the name of MMS. I know, I know, there are a lot of people who after using MMS like the name miracle, because that is what it is. I like the name Miracle too, but many people have asked me to change the name and others have told me that they didn't use it just because of the name «Miracle.» They say it sounds too much like snake oil. Many people have already told me that they prefer the new name change. The FDA and others will play on our name change for a while but eventually that will die out as MMS becomes known as the «Master Mineral of the Third Millennium.»

And this new name tells what it is, too. It's the Master Mineral of the Third Millennium. It certainly cannot be any less than that for the human race at this time. Of course, many of those who have not seen it work will doubt me, but none who have used it and have saved lives will doubt. MMS is the Master Mineral Solution for the human race at this time. One might consider that I should say, «The Master Mineral Solution of health.» But no, it has saved more than a hundred thousand lives world wide so far and it is important to the human race in all phases of living as one cannot design cars or fly airliners if he is sick. Someday, hopefully soon, there will be dozens of master minerals and MMS will just be one of a line up of Master Minerals. Until that time comes, however, MMS remains the most important mineral known to the human race.

And do you see? That's where our Church comes in. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. This Master Mineral is used by our Church as the Cleansing Water for our Sacraments. The goal of our church is, "a World Without Diseases". Our church heals all who are sick at no charge. Of course, we like all churches, will accept donations to help the continued healing of the sick. Our duty to mankind is to heal the sick and we have only the message, "Do Good Deeds, heal with MMS, and always do what is right." Bring us your sick, and even those who the Medical doctors have given up on, as we never give up! This includes Cancer, Hep. C, and all life threatening diseases as well as so-called, "incurable diseases". We now have more than 100 trained Health Minister in over 40 countries throughout the world.

I am writing this newsletter as I prepare to leave Germany where I have just finished teaching a one week seminar on the use of MMS for healing all sicknesses. A friend visited me from Holland while I am here and he said the Government of Holland has now banned the use of MMS in Holland, but there are many people objecting to the idea. He said one hospital decided that the write up was so one way and negative that they obtained some MMS and tried it and the had really good results. They are continuing to use MMS on a secretive basis.

MMS Success Stories:

Chronic fybromyalgia along with Arthritis!!!

Hi Jim,

«Another success story chronic fybromyalgia along with arthritis this poor lady was unable to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time her hands knees and ankles swollen, misshaped hands all buckling out of shape, on first hour of taking mms she felt less fatigued, one day later her hands are free of wrist supports she is following the mms protocol and on just her fifth day she is starting back on her exercise walking machine, one week just 12 days after starting mms she's flying out to Spain on holiday with her daughter on a standby flight. This lady is 47 years old, my fathers bowling friend 86 years old good health until suddenly getting tight chest short of breath went to his doctor he has a blood count of 82 doctor gave him iron tablets and made an appointment with the hospital specialist he took one drop of mms morning one drop evening one drop next morning ,that afternoon he got the runs so laid off for 1 day his doctor checked his bloodcount again it was 92 , a few days later he checked him again his bloodcount was 108 hes feeling much better his doctor said to him those iron tablets must have done the trick, funny thing is hes not even opened the tablets yet , nor has he seen a specialist yet and hes only taking one drop of mms every second day now. Jim feel free to contact me any time all the people i have mentioned will gladly speak to anyone and are lifelong advocates of mms as im sure anyone who gets the chance to witness someone being cured of some so called incurable disease will also be I'm sure.»

God bless Jim and team for now.

Another MMS testimony:

"I was skeptical, but, it is the only hope I have for my father, he is a young 82 and is in a losing battle- he has CLL. I read articles on the internet that were against mms, then I bought Jim's book and I should have just ordered the MMS after reading his book, but, instead, I read the negative garbage on the internet, out of desperation,I bought some MMS. To our astonishment, Dad's cancerous sores are healing on his face. He has more energy and this has only been two weeks on six drops three times a day. He only wants to do the 6 drops three times a day as he went over the six and got quite nauseous, of course, I want him to bombard the illness with it, but, he got too sick — do you think it is okay if he does the 18 drops total per day forever? His lymph nodes seem to be going down a bit...we have hope now and are in a trial basis with the MMs — we will see how it goes, and definiately will be spreading the word and sending whatever donation we can afford as he gets some more improvement." I thank you.

I will be returning to the Dominican Republic and the next seminar in the Dominican Republic will begin Monday morning of the 25 of October 2010. There is a choice between week 1 ($1000) for the complete theory and work shop and then the second week 2 ($500) for practical experience treating local villagers with MMS. The Dominican Republic is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the Caribbean islands. You will have a chance to swim in the ocean and see life as it is in third world countries. There is adventure in coming here, to a country that is third world in some places, and first world in others, to our compound of buildings with a 12 foot enclosed wall, completely safe, as the villagers are our friends, and we supply the locals with water from our high quality fresh water well. Some have told me that their trip to the island here to learn MMS has been the most important and pleasureable experience of their life.

The next MMS seminars will be held on the following dates:

Oct. 25th — Nov. 3Rd, Nov. 29th — Dec. 8Th, Dec. 27th — Jan 5th.
For more info. please contact us at

Don’t forget our video course is now being delivered!

It is a full week with a complete test at the end. Pass the test and you can become a Minister of Health. Cost is $375. You get 4 super concentrated disks, the complete transcript of the same course but an earlier presentation

so you can read an earlier presentation of the same data, and a

comprehensive test that proves you know the data or not. When

you pass the test, we will send you a «Certificate of Completion»

and «Minister of Health certificate».

For more info., please contact us @

Become one of the unique individuals of all times. Know how to heal all diseases and save lives. Become a Minister of Health and soon a Doctor of MMS, (after successfully treating 50 people).

Help change the world and save the lives of your loved ones!

James (Jim) V. Humble 
Bishop Genesis II Church of health and Healing
It'll not be whether you won or lost
But rather, how you played the game.”

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MMS saves lives!!!

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