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Jim Humble MMS Newsletter

Another Miracle, Autistic children healed.  I thought you would like this report.  And further down there is another important report that might surprise you.

FROM MEXICO -"It has been 70 days since beginning MMS for autism in my group. Officially I have 55 people taking MMS and the stories of the children improving blow me away. Every day or every other day I get an email with a non-verbal child talking and or doing some amazing thing that he/she had never done. Thank you for MMS and thank you for supporting me in my mission to recover children with autism. I feel that MMS is going to prove to be a huge piece of the autism puzzle for recovery. I hope to present a recovered child with autism with MMS in the largest conference on autism in the world in Puerto Rico in March. Wish me luck!"

Thank you all very much.

If you wish to contact this lady in Mexico I can put you in contact with her.  She will be willing to talk to you personally if you need to talk for some good reason.

A Dream:

For many years during my early life I had a dream.  It was a dream of the distant past, of millions of years ago.  At first, of course I believed it was just a dream.  But then it also seemed to ring true at times.  As time passed I begin to believe that it must be more than a dream.  As I began to learn about this planet and the many terrible things going on here I soon begin to believe that my dream had to be more than a dream and I was going to have to do something about it.

One interesting thing was that on a few occasions over the years a few people told me about a similar dream that they had with the same story.  Of course, that enforced the idea that maybe it was more than just a dream.  I became an inventor with the idea of inventing something that would help change the conditions here on earth.  I invented a new method of making electronic circuits, but that didn't seem like it would help change things. My friend and I invented a technique of causing atomic radiation to drop to zero, something that is supposed to be impossible.  But billions were already invested in storing the radiating materials in the ground and no one was interested in such inventions.  I invented a new helicopter, a method of purifying water electronically, and a number of minor inventions that I sold in my mining store.  Finally I discovered MMS in the jungle in South America and I knew that was it.  There was no doubt in my mind that MMS would change this planet.

Then things began to get even more amazing.  More than 5 million people have used MMS.  Now there is no way that MMS would have gotten spread around the planet being sold in most of Europe, South America, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Countries of Africa and China if it didn't work.  There are plenty of people who would like to spread their products around that much, but can't.  If a product that didn't work could spread like that there would be nothing but rich people as everybody would be selling products that didn't work worldwide.

Finally after going to Africa and working in a number of countries there healing people I wound up here in the Dominican Republic conducting a training course for MMS.  Our MMS training course lasts 5 days of training and 3 days of practical experience with a total of 8 days of training over two weeks.  Graduates receive certificates for Minister of Health, Graduation Certificates, and Certificates of Authorization to start a Chapter of our Church.  I realized we would need some kind of protection for our Ministers and thus I started a Church.  But there was more to the Church than that.  People also needed to be protected from vaccinations and other oppression from the government.

So far we have trained 114 Ministers of Health.  They came from 40 different countries of the world from 14 to 36 people per training class.  They are well trained as I have developed a method of intense training that teaches everyone everything at least 3 different times and some things 5 times.  Because the teaching process includes DVD's that teaches all the details, and because we discuss in class all the details that are on the DVD's, and because each student can do that exact same thing. Each student leaves her with the ability to teach a class exactly the same way I teach it here. The students leave here as the most unusual people to ever walk this planet.  They can, and have already proved that they can, cure most of the diseases of mankind.  No one has ever been able to do that before.  Well, they don't cure people; actually they give the sick person MMS that kills the pathogens, and then the body cures the person.  Only the body cures the body.  Our Ministers know that and that is what they bring about, a body free of diseases pathogens, heavy metals and other dangerous poisons.

Now, I want to tell you the most amazing part: More than ½ of all the students that have arrived here have told me, «I believe in MMS, but there is some other reason why I came.  I just had to come.  Something made me come.»  OK, so let me tell you a little more about the dream.  A large group of us, well small group in relation to the number of people on this planet, lived on another planet, in another galaxy.  We were assembled together at that time in the past.  And without getting into a lot of details we agreed to finally assemble on Earth in the beginning of the 3rd Millennium for the purpose of creating peace on Earth and in the Galaxy.  The dream included the fact that we were losing our powers and that they would all be lost by the time we finally arrived on Earth or by the beginning of the 3rd Millennium.  But that was part of the «big plan».  The Gods on Mount Olympus were the last to lose their powers.

And another Amazing part.  These students, are both young and old from around the world, and although they mostly haven't remembered the dream like some others have, more than 90% of them have said that they believe in the dream and they know it is our job to help bring peace to Earth and that we will be a great part of the peace movement. Part of the dream is as our emblem says, «A world without disease.» They have all said that they want to help and be a part of the Ministers of Health of the Genesis 2 church of Health and healing.

Remember, this church was formed for the purpose of «doing good deeds,» «healing all people», and «always doing what is right.»  That is our stated purpose, and those who want to go further into the worship of a Deity should also join a second church for that purpose if they feel the need and it is OK if they already have.  So if you feel like coming, here, for training, it is important for you to come to learn to help heal people of Earth, and you will then be a part of the peace movement for earth.  We heal people for free and hope for donations, but the donations are not a condition for healing.  Healing is free, but we expect donations as any other church does.

Many of our Ministers of Health have left here going out to heal people free of charge and they also expect a donation when the sick person is well.  But the sick person who is now well is not required to make a donation. Other Ministers have already begun to start churches.  They will be doing the same thing.  Healing people and accepting donations.

That is also true here in the Dominican Republic.  You can come for healing.  We don't charge.  You can stay here for $25 a day or go to the next cheapest hotel at $60 a day.  Meals here are also $25 a day.  Possibly later on, the room and board will be free as well, but things are a little too tight for that now.  Also keep in mind that we never give up on a person.  When the medical people give up that is often where we start and we are often successful.  Come for healing or bring your loved ones for healing.  We ask no fees until you are feeling much better or you are well and then only if you want to donate.

So if you feel you should come for MMS training, you really should come.  You are a part of us and you probably know that already.  We will be the leaders in the program to bring peace and a new world without disease.  We need not only your help, but more than anything, we need your agreement. Come and give us your agreement.  The cost is $1000 for the first week of training, protocols and theory. The second week of practical experience as mentioned above is $500.  If you want to come and you have financial problems, let us know how much you can afford.  Chances are high we can handle that if enough other full price students are coming, and so far there always have been. We want as many as possible to experience the seminars and to learn the updated protocols.

Note: Our next seminar is: Nov.29th-Dec.8th, ( Dominican Republic) Be there!!

Let me also mention that students that finish our course of Intensive training of one week receive a Certificate of Minister of Health, Certificate of Authorization to open a Church Chapter, A Certificate of Completion and a Certificate you can use to announce your presence in the Neighborhood in the local newspaper.

The Certificate of Reverend Doctor is issue to those persons who have successfully administered the Church Sacrament along with the Cleansing water to overcome the sickness of at least 50 persons.  So let me once again invite you to the Dominican Republic to become a Minister of Health and a Reverend Doctor of MMS.

Special Announcement:  Can you help?

  • We have an opportunity to be on an internet T.V. Station weekly as well as a «live» weekly Skype conference call with Jim. We need donations to help with the purchase of a Satellite dish to handle the upload and download speeds. Can anyone help? We need $6,000 to purchase the equipment, transport and installation.
  • We need to purchase a newer vehicle. Our 1997 Chevy Suburban can’t handle the areas we go to treat and teach people. We’d like to purchase a late model Toyota 4X4 Jeep. Price $20−25,000 used.
  • For information about donating contact:

Good Deeds,

Bishop Jim Humble

Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

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