Пациентка с болезнью Альцгеймера восстанавливает память (продолжение)

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26.09.2010 мы получили ещё одно письмо от Джима Хамбла  по электронной почте. Джим дает новые подробности про женщину с болезнью Альцгеймера в дополнение к предыдущему письму от 12.09.2010:

"В дополнение к ранее сказанному, большая часть её память вернулась. В  действительности, она не только вспоминает, что она ела, но и какие специи были в еде! Она вспоминает подробности!!"

Полный текст письма на английском языке приводится ниже.

Jim Humble's MMS


Alzheimer Patient Regains Memory

I thought you would like to hear about another miracle.This time it is an Alzheimer patient. We haven't found many Alzheimer patients as they are often hidden away somewhere and always have relatives that know better.But in this lady's case her son had watched the medical doctors do absolutely nothing for years and he has seen MMS do something, so he was willing to try.

Within two weeks she was back to thinking clearly.(Who knows how clearly, but that is what she says as opposed to saying that she could not think at all.) In addition, much of her memory had returned. In fact, she is not only remembering what she ate but what spices were in the food! She is remembering details!!Of course, she is not totally cured yet, but she is back to living her life.All the indications are that she will be well in a few more weeks. Have you ever heard of a medical drug doing anything similar in such a short time? Well, if you did hear of such a thing, it was not true, because there are no such medical reports.As I write this sentence (9/22/2010) this lady has finished her 3rd week and a telephone call to her this morning proves she is feeling even better with even better thinking and more memory returned.

I know, You’re Thinking, «Where's the Proof?»Where are the double blind clinical trials?Well, we will probably get some of those trials soon.We simply haven't had the money for such trials so far.We are hoping to get the money to fund such trials. Meanwhile, if you absolutely wanted to prove it to yourself we could organize a trip for a group of us to visit this lady.She'd be OK to see a group and you could talk to her neighbors to find out how she has been doing for the past 5 years, and we might even be able to get her doctor to visit while the group is there. But do you see, the simpler thing is, why try to prove it?

  • Why not just get some MMS and try it like several million people have already done?It's cheap, about $20 for a year's supply.Oh, you will spend more because you need citric acid or lemon juice, but the most you will spend is still about 2 cents a dose.
  • I hope you understand.This is the way it’s got to be.MMS sells for $20 for a year’s supply.A friend I know who has been taking a drug for leukemia spends $8000 a month for that drug.The drug companies can afford double blind test in a billion dollar clinical lab.But we can’t.In order for that many people around the world and even in the US to afford MMS and overcome their suffering, the price must be cheaper.Our lab is this:you take some, and does it make your feel better or not?Does it make your tumor go away or not?Well, for thousands so far it works.

Ignorant MMS Critics

My critics still refuse to test it, or check a single person who has been cured of anything, and they continue to claim I am making thousands selling it.But since I have never made a cent from the sales of MMS, their critical accusations ring hollow.Can you believe that they would continue to spout critical lies while never checking a single person, or studying a single point about chemistry to see if I am right?All of them have to be unwilling or unable to ever check their beliefs, because if they did, they would find my understanding of the scientific chemistry of MMS is correct.If they checked people who say that they have been helped they would find thousands of healed people back to their lives, happy to be done with the suffering.These critics are definitely a group who «bury their heads in the sand». Unfortunately, they live their lives to create the maximum damage to themselves and society, because the few who believe them will continue to suffer and die rather than treat themselves.

Our Children Need Protecting

Our children are under attack by our governments for the money that is generated. It is now determined that every child must have over 50 vaccinations before 6 years of age and all vaccinations contain poisons.And they make billions for the drug companies. I shouldn't have to prove any of this to you, as the medical profession has never proven that vaccinations prevent or even reduce diseases. I say it again.

Vaccinations have never been proven to protect a single child against a single disease.

All a doctor will ever tell you is, «It's well known that vaccinations work.»They won't offer you a single proof. I mean something like this:
«Here is the record proof of a group of kids who were vaccinated and here is another group of kids in the same school who were not vaccinated.See, the vaccinated group is much healthier.»!!!!

That's never happened. All you will get from a doctor is double talk.The doctor will sound so learned and so educated in the upper technology of vaccinations that you will leave 9 times out of 10 convinced that he has proven it.But stop and think. What did he really prove beyond listing a lot of impressive schools and doctors?Well it's nothing, because there is no proof that vaccinations work. Until you prove it for yourself, please take my word for it, because if you allow your child to be vaccinated you could be dooming him or her to a life of Autism or numerous other problems.

The Harm Done by Vaccinations

There are now more than 24,000 new cases of autism each year.Autism was unheard of before vaccinations came along in about 1950, but so was childhood brain damage and ADHD and dozens of other problems.Remember, follow the money and you will see why various things are happening. By 1960, it was estimated that over 1 million children had vaccine-caused disabilities, including:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Behavioral problems
  • Allergies
  • Speech difficulties
  • Visual problems
  • Problems in adjustment and coping

A hundred million since then. If you would like to know the truth about vaccinations, it's simple. Just go to those doctors who are not making millions ,or to companies who are not making billions from vaccines who know about health. Go to google and search «Vaccines truth,» or «polio truth.»It is so unbelievable that people, including our Congressmen, would allow such a thing.The harm done now by vaccines is far beyond what was done in 1960.But it is set, so the problems mostly come on slowly and show up months or years later. Who would believe that they will allow millions to suffer and die just for the money? Well, you need to believe it, because your children are in imminent danger.

A Protective Church

And so I started a church, in the way it is really supposed to be done.This church is not a church of religion, but rather a church of (1) health, (2) healing, (3) doing good deeds and (4) always doing what is right. That is about the extent of the beliefs that you need to have to be a member of our church.We have other beliefs, but in order to be a member of our church these are the only beliefs you need, the 4 beliefs mentioned above. We are the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.Genesis denotes the «beginning».The «2» indicates it is the 2nd beginning.And we are the Genesis of a new world without disease.

You may say, «So what, who cares, a religion won't help».Ah, but it will. Governments throughout the world think twice before interfering with a religion, and more importantly, common law and most other law systems have been set for thousands of years, mostly by the Catholic Church, to respect religion. Normally you will find that the church is as powerful in their area as the government is in its area if the Church has not given up its rights.

This Church is a completely new invention.It is a Church that will stand between the suppressions of the Government and the people.

Government Control Over Some Churches

Do you see what happens — churches are bullied into giving up their rights and their powers by signing to become a corporation or registering (where they must also sign), and in every case, they then come under a large number of laws written by the government. It's the church official's signature that destroys their rights and their powers.We haven't done that and we won't do that.Only the Mormon Church and the Catholic Church have not given up their powers. The governments do not dictate to them. The Catholic Church is more powerful than any country in the world. We intend to never sign away the rights of our Church. The Church will be operated on a transparent basis with reports to our members.Cost of joining the church is $20 per year and $10 for children under 13 years old.So please join our church.At least do that as your first step towards overcoming those who are against us (and basically that is the New World Order).

We will create a fund to be used for legal protection for our Church members and for other Churches battling against the government for their freedom. I can't guarantee that the fund will always be used for Church members — there may be times when the Church and mankind will benefit more from protecting someone who is not a Church member. We will also use that protection fund for class action suits against those who are trying to destroy us. Let me say once again:

  • Doing nothing about a bad situation is generally the wrong thing, and in the case of those who are seeking to destroy us, that is what we must not do, nothing.

While the FDA went on and on about MMS being a bleach and causing low blood pressure and extreme nausea, these claims were totally unsubstantiated. FDA officials didn't investigate those claims. But one thing they did investigate was more than 100 children who died last year from cold remedies and more than 500 people died after taking Aspririn last year.That is according to FDA reports, they did investigate and did substantiate these deaths. But they have done nothing about them, not even issue a warning against the cold remedies or aspirins. Yet without investigation, they issued a warning about MMS.Do you see? If they issued a warning concerning cold remedies it would cost the drug companies millions of dollars. Let me suggest that you follow the directive from the FDA.

  • If you have any cold remedies, immediately stop using them, throw them away, and use MMS instead and for that matter, aspirins as well.

Minister of Health Training Course Coming Right Up

We will be having more seminars this year.Our next seminar begins the 25th of October 2010. It starts Monday morning the 25th at 9 am.Our seminars are basically 11 days, but many people stay for two weeks. The first week is $1000 and the second week (5 days) is $500, (room and board included). The first week for 5 days covers the entire theory and application of MMS.There are then 2 days of vacation for you to go to the beach or do other things, then the second week covers actual application of MMS in the field treating people.

  • The first week earns you the Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Minister of Health.You can then use the word Reverend or Rev. in front of your name.
  • The second week earns you the Certificate of Minister of Health Class 2. After you have treated 50 people with MMS you can apply for a Doctor of Health Certificate.

Here is the schedule for the next 6 seminars :

  1. October 25th-Nov.30th
  2. Nov.29th-Dec.8th
  3. Dec.27th-Jan.5th ,2011
  4. Feb.15th-24th,2011
  5. March 29th-April 7th,2011
  6. May 10th-19th

( see link below for more info.)

For those who can study and get things for themselves we have a complete DVD course for Ministers of Health.We won’t let you fail as we have a very good test to make sure you know the answers and we will see that you pass. You can then become a minister.Once you have successfully treated 50 people you can become a Priest of Health and as soon as you have treated 100 people you can become a Doctor of Health of the Genesis 2 Church.

See an exerpt from the video class @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWfIcK90AgA

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It could be a wonderful world

As always with love

Jim Humble


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